Massive PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update Overhauls Erangel, Adds New Shotgun


Massive PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update Overhauls Erangel, Adds New Shotgun

A significant PUBG Mobile update marks what PUBG Corp is calling the start of a “new era” for the game, spearheaded by the rollout of a revamped version of PUBG’s famous Erangel map. The island map’s mansion and military bases have been completely rebuilt, and more trenches and bunkers have been added for players to scamper around.

The update also marks a significant upgrade to the game’s framerate and overall connectivity, with PUBG Mobile now targeting 90 frames per second on supported platforms. Crouching and standing have been optimized, meaning that you hopefully won’t get stuck on errant pieces of furniture anymore. The patch buffs several of the game’s most beloved weapons, particularly the Tommy Gun, the UMP, and the DBS, in addition to introducing a new semi-auto shotgun called the M1014.

Version 1.0 makes some smaller changes, including balance adjustments for the Livik map, a total overhaul of the game’s lobby system, and a new training arena called Cheer Park. PUBG Mobile recently banned over 2 million cheaters in one week in August, as well as introducing a new update that locked out many of the game’s most-popular “plug-in” exploits. A $2 million PUBG Mobile tournament will follow later in 2020, albeit with no live audience.

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