Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Spotted At Retailer


Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Spotted At Retailer

Shortly after this listing was spotted, the page appears to have been removed from the retailer’s website. We will update as we learn more information.

We’ve heard rumors of a Mass Effect trilogy package coming to consoles for a while now, and it looks like it could be more than just a rumor. A Portuguese game retailer has listed the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered for all current-gen consoles, but Electronic Arts has not announced the games officially.

The website Gaming Replay has listings available for the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Curiously, the Switch version is listed for slightly less than the other two, which usually isn’t the case for releases like this. It lists an October release window, which would be unusually quick for a game that hasn’t been announced yet.

The box art for the games doesn’t look final, and the logo was actually already used back when the three games came to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Originally, the series was only on Xbox 360, but it made its way to other platforms as EA purchased BioWare in 2007. If It does return in the future, the games will presumably be developed for Xbox Series X/S and PS5. BioWare said it is not done with the series, with a new game reportedly in very early stages of development at its Edmonton studio.

Noticeably absent from the collection is Mass Effect: Andromeda, which wasn’t well-received when it launched back in 2017. The game takes place long after the events of the first three games and stars a new protagonist, but its poor reception sent BioWare’s series into a hiatus. We still know next to nothing about Dragon Age 4, as well, despite some concept art being revealed a few weeks ago.

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