Madden NFL 23 Is Glitched Up From Coast To Coast

Madden NFL 23 is out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as of last week. Irrespective of platform, social media is now awash with glitches both farcical and inconvenient. Recent Madden releases have caught criticism for releasing as glitchy or unplayable. Madden 23 is no exception.

Some of the glitches are modeling problems. For example, this one renders what should be multiple models going to huddle as several instances of the same, casually dressed coach.

Or this one with walls appearing around players starting a play.

Or this one, spotted by Twitter user en_cohen, shows Derrick Henry, a Black player, with a white man’s torso. Multiple other users have pointed out similar glitches on Reddit.

Several clips posted to reddit also show animations failing to trigger or properly interact. One examples shows players swarming around a quarterback who cannot be tackled. In another glitch, a QB is sacked, but it doesn’t register. The game simply allows the player to get back up and run the ball forward.

Others are more mundane but very inconvenient. For example, some Face of the Franchise games are counted as practices, but after players quit out to start the match properly, the game is marked as a loss or a tie. Other players cannot make trades in Franchise mode.

In any case, the issues are alternatively hilarious, innumerable, and serious. Some are simple visual bugs and others are game-breaking. Madden NFL 23 launched in early access on August 16. Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers and EA Play members could play the game in a 10-hour free trial, which is actually still available now that the game has launched globally.