Lost Ark August Update Adds Pet Ranch, Blooming Mokokos Activity: Full Patch Notes

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Lost Ark August Update Adds Pet Ranch, Blooming Mokokos Activity: Full Patch Notes

The new Pet Ranch will allow players to upgrade their pets to grant powerful effects while in combat.

Lost Ark’s August update is set to arrive August 24, and while it’s not as sizable as previous monthly updates, it does introduce one critical new feature–the Pet Ranch.

Pets have always been important in Lost Ark. In addition to certain pets granting various stat boosts, they also conveniently gather loot. The Under the Arkesian Sun update will make pets even more important by allowing players to upgrade them using the new Pet Ranch feature at their personal stronghold.

At the Pet Ranch, pets can be put to work in the Cookie Workshop, which increases their Expertise level and generates Jam Cookies, a form of currency used to purchase various items. However, pets training in the workshop will have their morale drop, and a pet with no morale won’t produce cookies. It’s up to players to raise the pet’s morale with various items or by letting the pet relax at the ranch.

Once a pet reaches max Expertise level (in conjunction with Pet Growth tokens purchased with Jam Cookies), players can upgrade the pet’s rarity. Once a pet reaches legendary rank, the pet will learn a random powerful skill that will be applied in combat encounters at random times. These skill effects range anywhere from allowing players to recover a significant portion of their health, increasing attack speed, or granting a chance to reset the cooldown for movement skills.

The Pet Ranch is definitely the star of the update, but there are a few other additions mentioned in the patch notes. The return of Event Guardians means players can earn some additional resources, and a new activity, Blooming Mokokos, has been added to the ongoing Maharaka Festival, which will give participating players a chance to earn some extra gold. Updates have also come to the store, which is adding a variety of new cosmetics, including the Shiba Inu pet, cyberpunk-esque Wingsuit Armor skins, and Neon Weapon skins.

The full Under the Arkesian Sun patch notes can be read below. Though this month’s update isn’t a game-changer, September will see the addition of a new Legion raid and a new class, the Machinist, to the popular free-to-play MMORPG.

Under The Arkesian Sun Update Full Patch NotesSpotlight – Events & FeaturesEvent Guardians

Event Guardians return to Arkesia! Enjoy a fun twist on Guardian Raids, where you’ll hunt down three Guardians (alone or with a group) in an arena with the Scale of Balance applied. To enter, you will need to be Combat Level 50 or above and Item Level 250 or above. Your goal is to attack the Event Guardian to cause it to drop buffs, which stack up to three times. The buffs will increase your damage output by a colossal amount. After defeating all three Guardians, tokens will drop in a rewards chest, which can be claimed once per day per character. Tokens from Event Guardians can be spent at an event vendor, who has a variety of valuable rewards that can be earned each week.

Pet Ranch

The Pet Ranch is a new location in the Stronghold where Pets can play, grow into more helpful companions, and help you earn valuable rewards. The cute and precious Pets aiding adventurers across Arkesia are ready to further help their worthy leaders by creating Jam Cookies and earning Pet Expertise to level up and unlock new abilities.

Pets can be upgraded to Legendary by reaching max Pet Expertise and spending Pet Growth Tokens, which can be earned by exchanging Jam Cookies. Once a Pet has been upgraded to Legendary, several features are unlocked. Legendary Pets are granted a (random) powerful skill, and at random intermittent intervals, one of 3 effects granted by the skill will be applied to you while in combat. There are 6 Pet Skills which can be randomly unlocked and switched between.

Learn more about the Pet Ranch, Legendary Pets, and the rewards you can earn in the Pet Ranch Lost Ark Academy!

Maharaka Festival – Blooming Mokokos

The leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise are known to bring good luck. Collect as many as you can during the Maharaka Festival and exchange them for valuable rewards! This month, the ongoing Maharaka festival will add a new activity— Blooming Mokokos. Taking place every other hour in Maharaka Paradise, you receive Gold by finding blooming Mokokos. The more Mokokos you find, the better your chances!

General & Store Updates

The Under the Arkesian Sun Update includes new armor and weapon skins, the Shiba Inu Pet and Special Package, mounts, and stronghold decorations.

Wingsuit Armor and Neon Weapon Skins – Available Until September 28Wingsuit Bike Selection Chest – Available Until September 28Spring Dream Weapons – Available Until September 28Shiba Inu Pet – Available Until September 28Racetrack Stronghold DecorationsGeneral Updates

    Re-enabled Powerpasses that were previously available in the store. Until September 7, a 25% discount will be available on Powerpasses. If the account’s highest Item Level is updated due to a purchased Powerpass, the account will have the following restrictions applied for 72 hours:

      Cannot receive Gold billing mailCannot send mail with gold attachedCannot send mail with items attachedCannot send currency during 1:1 tradeCannot offer items during 1:1 tradeCannot purchase or register items on the market.Cannot purchase, bid, or register items on the Auction HouseCannot participate in a loot auctionCannot purchase Crystals

    Raised the purchase limit of the Growth Support Packs from 1 to 3 per roster.Refreshed Special Card Packages, Growth Support Packs, and other monthly resetAdded a new daily log-in reward track.Gold earned from Una’s Tokens no longer arrives in the form of coins.

Notable Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue that prevented new accounts from accessing Global Chat.Fixed an issue that caused the chat mode indicator to not reflect the correct color of the respective chat.Fixed an issue that prevented the suggested content panel from appearing as a press-able button in the Express Event menu.Fixed an issue that prevented some objects from moving as expected in the “Tortoyk’s Heart” dungeon.Fixed an issue that caused the supplementary Founders Pack skins to be character bound instead of Roster bound.Fixed an issue that caused Inferno Legion Raid Achievements to not appear in the Legion Raid section.Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect icon to be shown for a Warrior hairstyle.Fixed an issue that caused the speech bubble shown above an NPC in South Vern to disappear too quickly.Fixed an issue that caused expiration date and time to be displayed incorrectly on various items.Fixed a variety of localization issues.

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