Lil Baby Drops New Songs That His Fans Praise

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Lil Baby Drops New Songs That His Fans Praise

Lil Baby dropped a pair of new tracks this week and Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper’s fans couldn’t be happier with them. Reportedly, Lil’ Baby has received acclaim from the industry for being able to adapt to any beat; his story-telling chops, as well as his ability to connect with an audience.

As a result of his nearly flawless discography thus far, the rapper has received the title of one of the best of his generation. This reputation has been facilitated by the release of two new birthday songs, which Lil’ Baby had already been hinting at in the week prior to this one.

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Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper dropped two new singles on the 3rd of December in addition to some music videos. He released “Errbody” as well as “On Me.” Due to the new tracks, fans are already speculating on what he will release next.

Reportedly, Lil Baby released My Turn this year and it went double-platinum, moreover, he also dropped “The Bigger Picture” which was nominated for several different Grammy Awards.

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Earlier this year, Lil’ Baby was in the headlines again for his dedicated fan base, who apparently took issue with the fact he wasn’t given the awards that his fans thought he deserved at the BET Awards. Megan Thee Stallion was the one to walk away with the artist of the year award, and fans weren’t pleased.

While there were a significant number of people complaining on social media about Megan winning it instead of Lil’ Baby, the rapper, himself, didn’t seem all that bothered by it. Lil Baby released a post on his account just a few weeks before in which he said women were cleaning up in the hip-hop world.

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Lil’ Baby claimed it was time for men in the rap scene to pull their socks up and work a little bit harder because women were the big winners this year.

Interestingly, the rapper didn’t have much to say after he was beaten by Megan during the BET Awards, although, he said he was more concerned about making millions rather than winning awards.