Kirk Frost Is One Step Away From His Weight Goal

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Kirk Frost Is One Step Away From His Weight Goal

Kirk Frost is just one step away from his weight goal. Check out the photo and the message that he posted on his social media account below.

‘I’m 8 pounds away from my weight goal..190 is my target weight 😆’ Kirk captioned his post.

Fans started commenting and telling him that it’s great that he wants to live a healthy life.

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Soon as anything moves he’s looking 😂 but on the real it’s a job walking the dog at night 😩

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A follower said: ‘Fresh today, ain’t come to play. I see you. Healthy is the best way,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘My bro Harlem finest with a touch of Brooklyn.’

Someone else brought up the past and told Kirk: ‘If you hurt Rasheeda again, we’re coming with three switches platted up💪🏼 I got em from grandmas house.’

Someone told Kirk ‘Congrats doesn’t it make one feel Good when they set goals and meet them, especially the ones that can be challenging like weight lost.’

A commenter said: ‘I feel yah Bruh…yeah I’m 205 and my goal is an even 200 so I’m getting there…👍🏽’ and someone else posted this: ‘Haven’t watched Love & hip hop in a while. Was that other son ever yours for real? No disrespect, just asking.’

A commenter told Kirk something about his boy: ‘Omg Karter got so big too damn fast 😩. They grow too fast.’

Not too long ago, it’s been revealed that Kirk Frost shared a video featuring his and Rasheeda Frost‘s son, Karter Frost at the pool. Check out the clip he shared a few days ago below.

‘@karter_frost needs this exercise cause quarantine was good to him 😂😂😂’ Kirk captioned the video.

Also, in other news, speaking about working out, Rasheeda Frost shared a new workout video on her social media account and fans are impressed by her will and strength.

You should check out the clip that she shared on her social media account.