King Of Fighters 15 Teased, Full Reveal Coming Next Month


King Of Fighters 15 Teased, Full Reveal Coming Next Month

SNK has teased a reveal for the latest entry in the King of Fighters franchise. Slated to be unveiled early next month, SNK says King of Fighters XV is its “most ambitious KOF yet.”

The first official reveal of the King of Fighters XV will take place on January 7, 2021 over on SNK’s YouTube channel, though an exact time for when the trailer drops has yet to be announced. In the meantime, there’s a short teaser the studio recently shared of some character designs for series regulars like Benimaru Nikaido and Kyo Kusanagi, as well as King of Fighters XIV newcomer Shun’ei. You can check out the concept art below.


Alongside the brief teaser trailer, King of Fighters creative director Eisuke Ogura and producer Yasayuki Oda shared some scant details about the upcoming game. Ogura announced that Shun’ei is the sole protagonist of King of Fighters XV, succeeding series mainstay Kyo Kusanagi. As such, Shun’ei will have an updated moveset and outfit to reflect his new status.

Another key difference between the last entry and King of Fighters XV is team composition. Ogura said the way teams are built in the upcoming fighter will “differ greatly” from King of Fighters XIV. He didn’t share specifics about this but confirmed that more information about King of Fighters XV will “come out periodically next year.” Ogura assured that King of Fighters XV is SNK’s “most ambitious KOF yet” and is “really proud” of the progress made on it so far.

The studio will also unveil the Season 3 characters for Samurai Shodown on January 7 alongside the King of Fighters XV reveal. This includes the previously teased guest character from SNK’s Neo Geo classic fighter The Last Blade, as well as a brand-new one.

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