Kanye West ‘Walks On Water’ In Latest Sunday Service Video — Critics Say Kim Kardashian’s Husband Is Playing And Making A Mockery Of Jesus

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Kanye West ‘Walks On Water’ In Latest Sunday Service Video — Critics Say Kim Kardashian’s Husband Is Playing And Making A Mockery Of Jesus

Kanye West can never win when it comes to social media. The controversial rapper held his Sunday Service in Atlanta, featuring televangelist Joel Osteen.

The 43-year-old hip-hop star, who is “walking” for president as an independent candidate, went viral by “walking on water.”

Kim Kardashian’s husband used a translucent platform to execute the stunt that went too far for many because Kanye often gave the impression that he is a megalomaniac creature.

One commenter blasted the father of four after watching the clip that featured two of his children, North, 7, and Saint, 4: “This is a disgusting mockery and isn’t funny AT ALL! You can play with a lot of things, but Jesus isn’t one of them.”

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SWIPE TO SEE MORE ▶️▶️▶️ Footage of Kanye West, @joelosteen and the Sunday service walking on water during service has appeared online. Many are calling it a mockery and blasphemy. What do you think? Walking on water was one of Jesus many miracles in the New Testament. #Jesus #Christianity #Blasphemy #KanyeWest #Joelosteen #SundayService #Ghana #GTR #instatoday #instapost

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A second person chimed in: “Get nailed to a cross and come back six days later, then holla at me! (you gotta our do him a day for me to believe you).”

A Kanye defender hit back with: “You literally can have church anywhere. God is literally everywhere. You don’t need to be in a church to have church to feel God and to get the good word. Why is everyone so offended. I’m baffled. Just be glad ye is doing much better than he was a couple of weeks ago. I cannot take the internet; it’s so negative. You guys have so much negativity in your hearts. Hatred is exactly what’s wrong with humanity now.”

This other supporter added: “Stop commenting, “Blasphemy.” Ye is just trying to do what the Bible does in a different light. It’s not a cult; he’s just doing what he feels like his purpose is, which is speeding the name of Jesus. Keep going, Ye! God sees you!”

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#KanyeWest has people walking on water during his #SundayService

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Another backer claimed: “Peter actually walked on water for a couple of seconds you all… Before he got distracted by his fear and began to sink. I’m sure this is a demonstration of faith. If you are not a Christian, if you’ve never been a part of the Body of Christ, if you haven’t even saught out the foundation of the Christian faith, then you really shouldn’t be offended. And if you had, you should probably not be judging what’s happening in these photos and videos because out of love; we should give our brother Kanye an opportunity to explain himself. Nobody wants to be real Christians until it’s time to be humble and to be quiet or until it’s time to defend the faith with prudence and patience. The Bible tells us Christians that we will do even greater things than Christ did, so if you really believe that you have the faith that anything is possible no matter how weird or crazy it seems… Christ didn’t lie. Now before y’all @ me…😏I do not believe these people are walking on water. I believe they are simply providing us a visual demonstration of what Our Faith in our Christ is supposed to do and look like…”

Kanye has his mind on different things at this time.