Kandi Burruss Says She’s Gained 20 Pounds In Quarantine

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Kandi Burruss Says She’s Gained 20 Pounds In Quarantine

Just like most people out there, Kandi Burruss has gained some weight while in quarantine. That being said, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed that before the pandemic, she was actually planning to lose 10 pounds but due to the self-isolation orders, she ended up gaining 20 instead!

Still, Kandi has a well thought out plan when it comes to shedding the extra pounds and she let everyone via a series of IG Story videos.

‘Ok so today is Wednesday, I believe it’s the…is it the 16th of September? This is the first day back to working out. I gained 20 pounds since May. Since you know… well not at the beginning of COVID. The beginning of COVID, I was working out and I was in shape. And even then I wanted to lose 10 pounds but I ended up getting lax and comfortable and I ended up gaining 20. So that means I have have 30 pounds of which I would like to lose,’ the reality TV celeb told her followers.

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Kandi reveals her weight loss plan!

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Kandi also made it very clear that losing weight is not just about appearance for her.

She explained that ‘I just want to better myself overall. I just want to get used to making working out a regular routine. So my cousin Patrick has volunteered to start working out with me. He’s a trainer. He got up and came to my house at 7 to workout and that’s going to be my regular time. I hope I can stick to this.’

It makes sense that she would like to shed some weight if it’s all about feeling better and healthier in her own skin.

However, looks-wise, the Xscape singer looked stunning less than a week ago at a charity event.