Kamala Harris rejects the dismissal of judges in El Salvador: An independent judiciary is a key to democracy.

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Kamala Harris rejects the dismissal of judges in El Salvador: An independent judiciary is a key to democracy.

The US vice president expressed deep concern over the decision of the Bukele party-controlled Salvadoran parliament to oust the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber magistrate and attorney general.

We are deeply concerned about El Salvador’s democracy in light of the National Assembly’s vote to dismiss the judges of the Constitutional Court. For strong democracy and a healthy economy,” Harris said on his Twitter account.

Earlier, and in the same testimony, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, spoke to President Bukele in person to express his “deep concern” over the decision of the Legislative Assembly.

In a telephone conversation, Blinken pointed out that “an independent judiciary is essential to democratic governance and defended that the Attorney General, Raul Melara, also fired, to fight crime in both the United States and the Savior.

The Organization of American States (OAS) also refused the judgment. In a democracy, the majority has a primary responsibility to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Access to and exercise of power is subject to the rule of law. Collective government of political parties and organizations; The OAS General Secretariat said in a statement that the separation and independence of the people’s powers.

The Inter-American Organization has warned that when the major parties advocate uniformity and uniformity for the rest of the political system, they are violating these principles. The statement added that when the majority of institutions eliminate the check and balance system in the framework, they are changing the essence of their work.

This week, the ruling party won a majority in the Salvadorian parliament between 2021-2202 and, in its first session, voted to dismiss the magistrates and attorney general of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, clashing with Bukele. It happened during the last year.

The dismissal, which leaves the judiciary incomplete and without a president, was approved by 64 votes of the party’s 84 deputies. The votes were cast by New Ideas (NI), the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), the Great Alliance for National Unity (GANA), and the National Conservation Party (PCN).

The dismissed magistrates are the president of the Constitutional Chamber and CSJ, Jose Armando Pineda, and the proprietary magistrates Aldo Enrico Cader, Carlos Ernesto Sánchez and Marina de Jesús Marenco Carlos Sergio Avilés. In addition to José Cristóbal Reyes, Rogel Zepeda, José Luis Lobo Castelar and Sonia Elizabeth Cortez de Madriz, Jorge Alfonso Quinteros.

The parliamentary majority has accused the outgoing magistrates of giving “arbitrary” sentences. However, in charge of ensuring compliance with the Magna Carta, members of the chamber declared the dismissal decree “unconstitutional” and condemned the intention to suppress control of other state powers.