HoYoverse, The Creator Of Genshin Impact, Has Unveiled A New Sumeru Teaser Trailer, Including Dev Interviews, Protagonist Bios, And Further Shots Of That Stunning Locale

The greatest Genshin Impact update, which will introduce a brand-new location, aspect, and heroes, is heating HoYoverse. Major version 3.0 is anticipated to be released in August.

Today, the creators invite you to familiarise yourself with a fresh teaser that looks at the Sumeru locale and potential heroes.

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The Genshin Impact creators gave the fundamental characteristic of Sumeru in the teaser. This kingdom is governed by Sumeru Academy, commonly known as the hub of science, and is home to some of the most intelligent people in the world; other civilizations refer to it as the “realm of the sages.”

Sumeru Academy, commonly known as the hub of science, oversees all affairs in this kingdom. The new Genshin Impact heroes, who will debut with the release of 3.0 or already in upcoming updates, may be seen for the first time towards the end of the film.

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Saino, Tignari, Nila, Dehya, Al-Haytham, and even Dendro Archon – Nahida were displayed to the gamers.

Depending on the archon statues visible in earlier Sumeru films, the little Nahida is thought to represent the Dendro archon. Surprisingly, Cyno was initially hinted at in a lore film made available around the time Genshin was launched, about two years ago.

Alhaitham had already been seen in a batch of leaks that are so dangerous that even most leakers wouldn’t touch them. The other members are virtually a surprise.

“Whether it’s the scenery, the local customs, and practices, or the companions along the road, it will be an entirely different experience for you.

We aim to deliver you an adventure worth looking forward more too.” Yogurt says as the film comes to a close. It is unknown how long we will have to wait to play or interact with all of the Genshin Impact 3.0 characters, but we can add them to Sumeru’s cast among those who were already disclosed.