How Long Is Demon’s Souls?


How Long Is Demon’s Souls?

Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake debuted on the PS5 November 12 and players are now able to discover Boletaria on the newest console generation, whether it’s again or for the very first time. But there’s one question that still needs to be answered as players head into their respective journeys: how long is it?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including how much you’re focusing on mainline story content vs side missions, your experience with the series, and your overall ability to get a feel for it. Of course, everyone’s play style is also different, so your mileage will vary, but after playing in a variety of styles, here’s what we found.

How Long Is Demon’s Souls?

    Critical path: 30 hoursCompletionist: 40 hoursLore Hunter: 50 hours

Folks who focus mostly on story content will probably wrap up their runs at around the 30 hour mark. Those looking to thoroughly explore both the main story and side content will likely finish at closer to 40 hours. Players who are more intimately familiar with the Souls series can expect an easier go of it, clocking in at around 20 hours. And, if you, like me, suck at Souls games, your clear time is looking to be somewhere around 50 hours. Don’t worry, slow and steady wins the race.

No matter your skill level or how long it takes you to get through Demon’s Souls, we’ve got your back as you battle your way through Boletaria, a journey our review called “a gripping gameplay experience that oscillates between exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and downright heartbreaking; and a faithful recreation of the seminal title that birthed the Souls-like subgenre.” Check out our beginner’s guide to help you through the start of the game, and get the skinny on the best spots to farm souls so you can save up for your dream gear.

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