How Fortnite Bounties, NPCs, And Gold Bars Work


How Fortnite Bounties, NPCs, And Gold Bars Work

Fortnite Season 5 brings with it plenty of Mandalorian content, so it makes sense that some of the new challenges are bounties. He is a bounty hunter, after all. You’ll be able to complete these bounties, tracking down and eliminating targets on the map in exchange for rewards. We’ll explain how to make sense of them so you can reap the benefits.

How To Complete Bounties

There are new NPCs to talk to around the map, and among other things, they offer two types of missions: bounties and quests. Both of these reward you with the new gold bar currency, which can then be traded in to NPCs for various rewards (more on that below.) Bounties involve hunting down a specific player within a time limit, while quests involve other objectives, such as visiting certain locations, using consumables, and so on.

After selecting a bounty, kill the specific player it mentions to earn your reward. The reward is more gold bars, sending you into a never-ending spiral of death. These gold bars do not expire after a match. You can keep them and make use of them for help in your next game.

When you’re near one of the bounty-giving NPCs, you’ll see a little speech bubble icon pop up on your mini-map. Because other players are likely trying to get the bounties, as well, you’d be wise to approach them carefully. Not every NPC offers a bounty, either, so keep searching if the one you found only has items or other quests.

You can also find certain bounties on a board, offering their own challenges. However, if you have already accepted a bounty from an NPC, you will not be able to grab a second one. To find more NPCs, go to the Collections screen and then click on the tab for characters. You’ll see the ones you’ve found so far (there are 40 in total), along with how many locations they can be found in if you’ve already located them.

Once you have received your bounty, you’ll see a large yellow circle giving you a rough idea of where your target is located. If you’re the one being hunted, you’ll see a warning meter that shows how close your hunter is.

What To Do With Gold Bars

In addition to hiring certain NPCs to help you, gold bars can be used to buy consumable items from them, as well. You can also use gold bars to purchase or upgrade certain weapons. However, it seems the specific options vary by NPC.

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