Here’s How Much The Xbox Series X And Series S Weigh


Here’s How Much The Xbox Series X And Series S Weigh

Microsoft has updated the landing pages for the Xbox Series S and Series X with more details about the systems and their specifications. Alongside what comes in the box, the key takeaway is how much these systems weigh, and the Series X is particularly heavy.

The Series X is a chunky system, resembling a PC tower more than a traditional console. Despite its tall, blocky stature, editor Michael Higham said the Series X wasn’t as bulky as he thought it would be when checking out mock-ups Microsoft sent over. One thing that was missing was the actual weight of the consoles. And according to the updated Series X site, the upcoming console weighs 9.8 pounds. This puts the Series X just a bit lighter than the original PS3, which weighs 11.02 pounds. Conversely, the Series S is significantly lighter, weighing only 4.25 pounds.

Current- And Next-Gen Weight Comparison

    Xbox Series S: 4.25 lbsXbox Series X: 9.8 lbsXbox One: 7.8 lbsXbox One S: 6.4 lbsXbox One X: 8.4 lbsOG PlayStation 4: 6.2 lbsPlayStation 4 Slim: 4.6 lbsPlayStation 4 Pro: 7.3 lbsPlayStation 5: estimated 10.54 lbs

Another piece of interesting information from the updated landing pages is the number of HDMI and USB ports. According to the Series S site, the system has one HDMI 2.1 port and three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. The Series X site, on the other hand, contains an error. It purports the system has no USB ports and three HDMI 3.1 Gen 1 ports, when in fact the mock-up featured the same number of ports as the Series S.

Finally, we know what will be included in the boxes of both the Series S and Series X. It’s nothing surprising; just the exact components you need to get the system setup.

Xbox Series S Box Contents:

    Xbox Series S consoleWireless controllerUltra High-Speed HDMI cablePower cord

Xbox Series X Box Contents:

    Xbox Series X consoleWireless controllerUltra High-Speed HDMI cablePower cord

Microsoft’s next gen consoles launch on November 10 for $300 and $500. You can check out our Xbox Series S and Series X preorder guide to learn when they go live.

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