Hearthstone’s Battle Pass Will Be Revised In Response To Fan Backlash


Hearthstone’s Battle Pass Will Be Revised In Response To Fan Backlash

On November 12, Hearthstone released a new seasonal rewards track and a paid battle pass called the Tavern Pass. It was met with anger from the community after Blizzard promised this pass wouldn’t reduce gold rewards, and it proceeded to do exactly that. Blizzard altered the pass to fix this, but that altered other in-game rewards. Blizzard is now taking another swing at revising this pass, posting an update on its site going through all the changes the pass will have implemented soon in response to fan feedback.

One of the primary issues being addressed quests that players have expressed are too difficult to complete. Some of these are just being tweaked or removed in general as they’re harder than expected or not worthwhile. Others are getting very specific changes. Quests that require Legendary cards and Arena runs are all being removed from the battle pass. Additionally, one of the weekly quests is being altered so instead of having to win 7 ranked matches, they will only have to win 5. All daily quests that had been rewarding 800XP will now be rewarding 900XP, and Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds will contribute to quest progress.

Another huge focus of this revamp is reducing how much XP players need to reach certain milestones in the rewards track. Originally, the Hearthstone devs had taken event reward XP into account when calculating the cadence for leveling up in the battle pass. But now players should be able to advance without event XP thanks to how the track is going to be revised. The XP requirements for the rewards track will be reduced by 37,000 XP, which is almost 20%. The devs hope that this will make the mid-to-late levels of the pass more accessible and that it will fix the event XP miscalculations. Players’ earned XP totals will remain the same after these changes, so you may find you have more progress than last time you logged in once these changes go live.

Finally, the new version of the rewards track is taking on gold. Levels twenty seven and thirty of the pass are getting an additional 50 gold each in an effort to make their rewards feel less underwhelming. Gold is also being split between all of the bonus levels players can access after completing the first fifty Tavern Pass levels so it won’t take as long to earn gold between play sessions.

Other changes have the potential to arise in the future as fans check out the new tweaks, but for now, this is what players can expect while navigating the Tavern Pass in the near future.

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