Hades Dev Shows How Much Work Goes Into Its Gorgeous Visuals


Hades Dev Shows How Much Work Goes Into Its Gorgeous Visuals

Since Hades had its full release in September, after almost two years in early access, players have been appreciating the insane level of detail in Supergiant’s latest game. Now, the studio have shared a look at some of the work behind those details in a VFX video posted to Twitter.

As a game that draws on Greek mythology, Hades was always going to need top-notch elemental effects–whether to depict Zeus’s thunder, Poseidon’s waves, or more conceptual divine boons like Dionysus’s Hangover effect.

The video shows the minute level of detail that goes into these effects, which you might not fully appreciate when they’re displayed during a split-second attack. Hades has also been praised for the attention to detail in its story, which is blended skillfully with the traditionally gameplay-heavy rouguelike genre.

If you’re interested in seeing more from the development of Hades, check out Noclip’s full documentary series Developing Hell, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of Hades in surprising detail.

GameSpot’s review of Hades praised the game’s story and how it uses the roguelike structure in service of the narrative, awarding it a 9/10. “Supergiant has managed to turn the roguelike, a genre not usually known for riveting plots, into a compelling vehicle for storytelling.”

Hades is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.