Gunfire Reborn Coming to Xbox Game Pass


Gunfire Reborn Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Gunfire Reborn Coming to Xbox Game Pass

The popular-on-Steam cooperative first-person shooter, roguelite, RPG is coming to Xbox.

Gunfire Reborn is a cooperative first-person shooter RPG with roguelite mechanics that released officially on PC late last year after spending some time in Early Access, and is now coming to Xbox. In the game you play as your choice of anthropomorphic animal with a gun as you fight enemies, level up, and collect loot. Its closest comparison is Borderlands–but with animals.

The different classes in the game funcion a little but like heroes in hero shooters and each have their own dedicated abilities. The game can be played alone or with three friends and features more than 40 weapons and 100 scrolls (i.e. magica spells).

The game is developed by Duoyi Games. After finding its audience on Steam, it will be making its way to consoles October of this year and will be available on Game Pass.

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