GTA Online’s Weekly Update Benefits Traders And Offers Free Vehicles


GTA Online’s Weekly Update Benefits Traders And Offers Free Vehicles

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GTA Online’s Weekly Update Benefits Traders And Offers Free Vehicles

The latest update in Los Santos allows players to gain bonuses on imports and exports while also boosting rewards from Special Cargo.

Thursday has rolled around, meaning another GTA Online update has just been unleashed from the Rockstar Games pipeline. The update on June 16 mainly centers around trader missions, specifically those involving Imports and Exports along with Special Cargo. Players can receive executive bonuses, namely double the GTA$ and RP, on these missions. Of course, in order to reap the maximum benefits from the bonuses, players need to be a CEO so they have the ability to buy and sell Special Cargo. They will also need to own a Vehicle Warehouse to participate in the Import/Export Sell Missions. The double rewards on these missions are active until June 22, so start racking up those trades as quickly as possible.

Also included in the update are two free vehicles, one being the Armored Karin Kuruma and the other being the Grotti Turismo Classic. The former is simply free for any player that visits Southern San Andreas Super Autos before June 23 and the latter is the Prize Ride for this week. To claim the Prize Ride, players need to head to the LS Car Meet and place in the top five in meet races for four days in a row. If players complete their Prize Ride challenge early, they can stay at the LS Car Meet and test drive three other Grotti vehicles, the Itali RSX, Furia, and X80 Proto. These vehicles will also be discounted for players to purchase if they wish.

Finally, if players are truly feeling lucky, they can head to the Diamond Casino & Resort to try their hand at the Lucky Wheel. The grand prize this week is the Grotti Turismo R, a souped-up version of the Turismo Classic that players can claim via the Prize Ride challenge. The Turismo R is only at the Lucky Wheel until June 22, so make sure to claim your free spin every day until then.

The Armored Karin Kuruma is free for all players through June 22.The Armored Karin Kuruma is free for all players through June 22.

Staying on the topic of vehicles and races, GTA Online players can claim double GTA$ and RP on Premium Deluxe Repo Work or Simeon Contact Missions. Talk to Simeon to start either one of those missions. Players can also earn double rewards by competing in Top Fun races or in Sumo (Remix) races.

The last bits of news in this update is the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive offers. Players on these consoles can visit Hao’s Special Works to test drive the Grotti Turismo Classic and complete a new Time Trial. There are also the weekly Discounts in the GTA Online shops, all of which are viewable below.

    Grotti X80 Proto – 30% offBenefactor Schlagen GTA – 40% offNagasaki Stryder – 50% offBenefactor Krieger – 40% offBenefactor Schlagen GT – 40% offBenefactor Stirling GT – 40% offKarin Previon – 30% offPegassi Speeder – 50% offNagasaki Stryder – 50% offEnus Cognoscenti (Armored) – 50% offGrotti Furia – 30% offGrotti X80 Proto – 30% offBravado Gauntlet Classic Custom – 40% offGrotti Cheetah Classic – 40% offGrotti Stinger – 50% off
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