Grabbing The Endmire Flyer Mount From Revendreth In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands


Grabbing The Endmire Flyer Mount From Revendreth In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard’s latest release, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, brings a massive amount of content to the game. Many have been happy to see just how much of this has been collectibles, mounts, cosmetics, and other such items.

We’ve discussed quite a few mounts up to now, but Blizzard has put in so many that there’s still so much to highlight. Today, we’ll be focusing on the Endmire Flyer mount, obtainable in Revendreth, home of the Venthyr Covenant.

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It’s worth saying right off the bat – no, this mount cannot fly in the Shadowlands despite its name. Nothing is able to fly in the new zones yet, and there’s no word on when players should expect Blizzard to release a Pathfinder achievement that might allow this.

Your first stop is the Endmire, in the North of Darkhaven flight point. You’ll need to find the NPC Seeker Hilda to start the event needed to find the rare that will drop this.

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Speaking to Seeker Hilda will give you the option to start a PvE event that will spawn a couple waves of enemies. Most players are saying that only two waves spawn, though you may hear conflicting information about this – two seems to be the most accurate count.

At the end of these waves, a rare mob named Famu the Infinite will spawn. This may be a bit tougher of a fight than some are prepared for, so it’s best to run in a group. Not much is worse than summoning the mob for your mount and dying to it, only to miss out on the loot!

Once you’ve downed Famu the Infinite, it’s as simple as stepping forward to loot the mob. Cross your fingers and hope that you see the Endmire Flyer Tether epic-quality item in the loot box.

Players are reporting that there isn’t a 100% drop rate as there is for other mounts, such as the many we’ve discussed in Ardenweald that are extremely easy to obtain. The current drop rate isn’t known for certain, seeming to be about average.

That means it may take you a few tries to obtain this mount, but don’t put on your grinding gear just yet. Famu the Infinite’s spawn time is lengthy, and even worse, you can only loot the mob once a day.

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If you aren’t able to get the Endmire Flyer Tether item on your first kill, keep trying, but you can take a break for the day and go about farming another mount. If you are able to, good job! Your luck paid off and now you have plenty of time for one of the dozens of other mounts Blizzard added!