Gorgeous Action Game El Shaddai Is Finally Coming To Steam


Gorgeous Action Game El Shaddai Is Finally Coming To Steam

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron will be released on Steam. The information was shared by developer Sawaki Takeyasu on Twitter, and no date is currently attached to the apocryphal action game’s PC release. El Shaddai was previously only available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Originally released in 2011, El Shaddai received praise for its creative abstract design and dialogue. The game roughly follows the protagonist Enoch and his mission to stop the destruction of mankind. Throughout his journey, he beats up demons, finds fallen angels, and meets multiple archangels like Michael and Gabriel.

Along with platform elements, the gameplay includes a sophisticated and yet deceptively simple combat system. There’s only one button for attacking, and two others for blocking and jumping. With a sparse combat toolkit, timing and positioning become crucial in late-stages of the game.

In GameSpot’s El Shaddai review, critic Tom McShea scored it 8/10. He also praised it for the artistic direction and the engaging fight mechanics. McShea commented, “El Shaddai is such a gorgeous game that it would have been worth playing even if the combat was merely average. But developer Ignition Entertainment gave reasons to play beyond its outstanding visual design. The combat system makes excellent use of its narrow moveset to create an enticing experience that demands focus and determination to prevail.”

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