Gears Tactics Will Be Available On Xbox Series X/S At Launch


Gears Tactics Will Be Available On Xbox Series X/S At Launch

The launch lineup for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X is coming into focus. As part of Microsoft’s wider next-gen announcements on Wednesday, the company confirmed some of the launch titles for both consoles, and this includes Gears Tactics.

The XCOM-style strategy game from developer Splash Damage originally released in April on PC. Microsoft previously confirmed it was coming to console, but now we know exactly when: November 10. The game will also be available on the standard Xbox One.

In addition to Gears Tactics, Microsoft’s Gears 5 will be available for the Series S/X, and it will support up to 120FPS. Since the game is already available for the standard Xbox One, it will presumably be playable on Series S/X on launch day, too.

The Xbox Series S/X consoles are scheduled to launch on November 10, and preorders will open from September 22. The consoles are priced at $300 and $500 respectively, and you can also buy them through a payment plan starting at $25/month for 24 months.

GameSpot’s Gears Tactics review scored the game an 8/10.

“The rush of pulling together a victory from the jaws of defeat carries an exciting, chaotic energy,” reviewer Mike Epstein said. “Unlike most strategy games, playing well doesn’t necessarily make you feel like a mastermind, so much as though you’ve cheated death. Every successful plan, even a last-ditch effort, feels like a small stroke of genius. That’s no small feat.”

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