G Herbo Turns Himself Into The Feds After Being Accused Of Fraud

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G Herbo Turns Himself Into The Feds After Being Accused Of Fraud

It was reported earlier today that G Herbo has officially turned himself in to the police, Hot New Hip Hop claimed. In case you missed it, G Herbo has been accused of participating in a federal fraud case, and he gave himself up to the police as a defensive tactic.

On Wednesday, the 2nd of December, it was reported that G Herbo was accused of being involved in a $1.5 million fraud case that lasted over four years. Herbo and many of his friends reportedly used credit cards and other fake information to make big purchases. They fraudulently spent over $1 million.

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Additionally, the rapper and his crew have been accused of stealing money to rent things like private jets, cars, and even designer dogs. While G Herbo did turn himself in to the authorities, it’s been reported that he is defiant of the charges.

TMZ claims Herbert Wright III – also known as G Herbo – and his legal team have said he’s innocent and they will prove him as such when he has his day in court. The rapper has to appear in a Massachusetts court either in person or through Zoom.

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Some of the other people who were indicted include Antonio Strong, Joseph Williams, Terrence Bender, DeMario Sorrells, and Steven Hayes Junior. Everybody in the case has been slapped with conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges in addition to aggravated identity theft.

It was also reported that the rapper, Casanova, has been involved in the crime. The FBI claims the large group of men consisting of nearly 20 people, have also been accused of playing a role in the death of a 15-year-old boy.

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Additionally, Hot New Hip Hop reported this morning that the group of men has been charged with trafficking guns, narcotics, and participating in other illegal activity in and around New York City. Casanova also released a statement this week in which he denied the allegations and maintained his innocence.

Casanova stated that he was a rapper, and being a performing artist in the hip-hop world makes one a “target.” Boosie Badazz made similar comments earlier in November.