Fortnite’s First Next-Gen Bundle Is Up For Preorder At Amazon


Fortnite’s First Next-Gen Bundle Is Up For Preorder At Amazon

Fortnite is getting yet another physical bundle this November, just in time for holiday shopping and next-gen console launches. Fortnite: The Last Laugh was announced last month and is up for preorder at Amazon, bundling V-bucks and in-game items for $30. The bundle releases November 17 for all platforms, with the physical edition available for PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Like previous physical bundles, Fortnite: The Last Laugh only includes a voucher code in the box. Fortnite itself, of course, is free-to-play.

Fortnite: The Last Laugh


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Fortnite: The Last Laugh stars Joker and unlocks various in-game items for the Batman villain: The Joker Outfit, Laugh Riot Back Bling, Bad Joke Harvesting Tool, The Joker’s Revenge Harvesting Tool, and the Pick a Card Contrail. The bundle also features two other antagonists from Gotham City, Poison Ivy and Midas, and includes the Poison Ivy Outfit, Back Bloom Back Bling, Ivy Axe Harvesting Tool, Midas Rex Outfit, Midas Crest Back Bling, and Kingmaker Harvesting Tool. As usual, the bundle also comes with 1,000 V-Bucks for in-game purchases, and you’ll be able to buy it digitally for consoles and PC if you don’t care about owning the box.

Fortnite: The Last Laugh bundle | $30

    1,000 V-BucksThe Joker OutfitLaugh Riot Back BlingBad Joke Harvesting ToolThe Joker’s Revenge Harvesting ToolPick a Card ContrailPoison Ivy OutfitBack Bloom Back BlingIvy Axe Harvesting ToolMidas Rex OutfitMidas Crest Back BlingKingmaker Harvesting Tool

Fortnite is currently celebrating its third birthday with a series of special challenges available through October 1, two of which require you to find different birthday cakes across the map. The challenges unlock a special Cake Back Bling, special birthday emotes, and more.

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