Fortnite Season 4 Players Want To Fish In Peace


Fortnite Season 4 Players Want To Fish In Peace

Fortnite: Chapter 2’s Season 4 is full of all sorts of exciting Marvel content. Players are fighting Stark Robots at randomly placed Quinjets while others are trying to complete Marvel Awakening Challenges to unlock special superhero cosmetics. It’s an exciting season–although some players just want to fish.

“I was fishing in [Team] Rumble the other night and someone came up and shot me, then immediately realized I wasn’t a threat and crouch apologized lol,” said Redditor Assliam. “They dropped a shield, I told them it was okay by dropping a few floppers, they left, and I continued my fishing.”

Epic added fishing to the game when it launched Chapter 2 in October 2019. The studio has steadily made fishing deeper by adding new types of fish like the Thermal Flopper that gives players thermal vision, Hop Flopper that lets them jump higher, and the Fire Flopper that makes players faster. The 14.00 update that brought all of Season 4’s Marvel changes also brought dozens of new fish species.

The studio also added an Animal Crossing-like fish catalogue for players to fill out with all the fish in-game.

Fishing is actually a viable strategy in all game modes. Grabbing a fishing pole and hunkering down near a body of water can net you rare weapons, health, and a full shield. A lot of players don’t care about winning though–they just want to finish their catalogue in a quiet section of the map far away from any fighting. Players can fish in Party Royale and the Battle Lab, but there’s something more exciting about fishing in an active server.

“I glided the entire way to the edge of the circle, far away from any fighting to fish in [Team Rumble],” said Redditor MadCapRaven. “I couldn’t even hear gunfire, I was that far away. I got one fish and cast my line for the second. Dude glides down and one-shots me. Ugh.”

This flood of peaceful fishing is part of several updates that have given Fortnite players more to do than fight. They ferried each other around as taxi drivers and even ran their own gas stations after the Joy Ride update added cars. Fortnite’s fishing system has secrets too–like the incredibly rare Mythic Fish–that some players have spent months trying to catch. People have become so hooked on trying to catch the biggest flopper among their friends that some unspoken rules have emerged.

“I have to commend the understanding of some people. There was fight between 3 or 4 [people] from each side and no one gave two shits that I was there fishing,” said Redditor DrSeuss19. “Just absolute fucken chaos around me and I just chilled there while fishing.”