Fortnite RTX And DLSS Features Coming To PC On September 17


Fortnite RTX And DLSS Features Coming To PC On September 17

Fortnite has an official date for when it’ll add ray tracing and several other graphical upgrades on its PC version, that were announced during last month’s Nvidia Geforce Special Event. According to Nvidia, the new patch will introduce ray traced reflections, shadows, global illumination, and ambient occlusion on September 17. Nvidia says will allow players to enjoy more realistic lighting and sharper visuals in Fortnite’s Save the World and Battle Royale modes.

Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 will also be added. DLSS 2.0 will render the game at a lower resolution and then upscale it with AI to lessen the load. To make use of these features an Nvidia graphics card that supports them will be necessary, such as the recently unveiled RTX 30 series and RTX 20 cards.

Nvidia Reflex technology is also being introduced, which can reduce latency in supported games, and will also be seen in other fast-paced shooters such as Call of Duty Warzone, Valorant, and Apex Legends in the near future.

To show off the difference that ray tracing makes to a game, Fortnite will add a special new Creative Mode map known as RTX Treasure Run that was designed by Nvidia and Fortnite content creators. Players are dropped into a museum level and can engage in a scavenger hunt across a hall of mirrors, a medieval castle, a jungle, and a shrunken science lab while different ray traced effects are highlighted along the way.

The new mode will be available with the launch of Fortnite with RTX.

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