Fortnite NPC Location Guide: Where To Find All The Characters


Fortnite NPC Location Guide: Where To Find All The Characters

Fortnite’s Season 5 added 40 non-playable characters to the battle royale. They are spread out across the map, with some spawning in multiple locations, and can give players special weapons, upgrades, missions, and bounty contracts. This guide will give you the locations of every NPC that’s currently available in-game. It’ll also give you tips on how to best reach all of them.

Where Is Every Fortnite NPC Located?

NPCs are spread across the map, some with multiple spawn locations, as detailed in the map below.

Fortnite NPC MapFortnite NPC Map

There are multiple quirks to how the NPC system works, including the fact that NPCs spawn at different locations from game-to-game. You may go to a specific locations to talk to a character, but you won’t always find them. You’ll need to visit every location that NPC spawns at in order to complete the in-game log. It might take several attempts to complete.

NPCs walk around, so they may not be in the exact same location each time you visit them. A little thought bubble will appear on the map once you are close enough, though. Select NPCs can also be hired to fight alongside you, although they aren’t very helpful.

How Can I Keep Track Of NPCs I’ve Found?

Epic Games added a new section to its “Collections” tab that previously only displayed the various fish players caught. The new section has all NPCs you’ve visited, including the number of locations they spawn at. The location you found them will be listed at the bottom of each character’s page.

All you need to do is interact with an NPC in order to add them to your collections tab. You can also shoot a character, even if they’ve been hired by another player or squad, in order to add them to your collections page.

Fortnite's Collection TabFortnite’s Collection Tab

Players will earn an extra 15,000 experience points once they fill out their log. More characters could be added throughout the season, though. The NPC system has replaced Fortnite’s typical challenge system, although players can still access daily and battle pass-based challenges the same way they would in previous seasons.