Fortnite Dragon Ball Adventure Island Creative Code And Guide

Fortnite‘s crossover event with Dragon Ball has provided a staggering amount of challenges, cosmetics, and fun items based on the popular anime franchise. This week, though, Epic is taking things even further by letting you visit Dragon Ball Adventure Island, allowing you to visit iconic locations from Dragon Ball Super and complete a couple of new themed challenges while you’re there.

Fortnite Dragon Ball creative code

Dragon Ball Adventure Island should provide fans of the franchise plenty to check out, and we’ll tell you how to get there and what to expect from your experience below.

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How to get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island

To get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island, you can either find it in your Discover tab or add it to your playlist. To add it to your playlist, go to the mode selection screen and scroll over to “Island Code”, enter “5642-8525-5429“, then choose the “Play” option.

Once you arrive at Dragon Ball Adventure Island, you’ll find there is no shortage of stuff to do. You can visit notable locations from the franchise, collect capsules and Dragon Balls, engage in PvP in public games, and even a questline to follow.

Use the spaceship to visit iconic locations and complete quests

Immediately upon arriving on the island, you’ll notice a giant spaceship on your right. By entering it via the elevator at the bottom, you can use the panels inside to teleport to the following locations:

    Resort Area (starting location)Goku’s HouseKami’s PlaceRoom of Spirit and TimeBeerus Planet

Each of these areas features some additional stuff to do and see, such as helping Dragon Ball characters with quick and easy tasks or completing mini-trials. These are all pretty self-explanatory, and the NPCs will offer you guidance on what to do for them on your journey to collect seven Dragon Balls.

You can visit familiar locations from the series inside Fortnite.You can visit familiar locations from the series inside Fortnite.Endurance Training Quests

One thing you’ll want to ensure that you do while you’re on Dragon Ball Adventure Island is complete the two Dragon Ball challenges that are exclusive to the island:

    Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure IslandCollect a Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

These are very easy to knock out. The first Dragon Ball on the island–and the only one you’ll need to collect for the challenge–is directly in front of you when you enter. Meanwhile, the capsules are spread across the island’s various biomes you can visit using the aforementioned spaceship, and there are certainly many more than the 100 you need for the challenge.

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