Flying Soldiers Is Soaring Onto PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch This September 17


Flying Soldiers Is Soaring Onto PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch This September 17

Prepare for a high soaring adventure that will bring a bundle of bird based troops under your command. Flying Soldiers is a bird-filled puzzle game that includes the chubbiest, cutest, fluffiest bird troops on this side of the military. The game is planned to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this month.

PlayStation 4 fans get an additional reward for purchasing this title as the game comes with a free set of downloadable avatars. Fans can watch the trailer and discover a whole world of military bird action with these unique feathered troops.

Take the role of “Captain” as you lead your squadron of feathered recruits onto the battlefield. It is your job to take advantage of their varying skills and bring them to the safe zone on every battlefield. Solve puzzles and wield the best bird army possible.

In each encounter, you will find deathly traps that must be avoided. Help your troops avoid trouble by placing items that will make the walk as safe as possible for these crazy and dedicated birds.

The game comes loaded with 45 hand built missions. In each assignment, players must try and ensure the safety of a certain number of birds to complete the level. Better performance comes with better rewards as players collect medals that are used to rise through the ranks

This game mixes action, humor, and puzzle-solving into a beautiful blend that even a bird would love. Relax and enjoy the comical military attitude of the adorable troops in this unique puzzle game.

This game draws its inspiration from the game Non-Flying Soldiers which was published by the same company in 2012. Although it borrows the concept, this title uses a brand new engine and is a completely different game.

All of the art, music, and effects have been remade with current technology bringing fans a classic experience in a fresh new, and fun style. Enjoy the world that has appeared and try to save as many birds as possible.

There is more about this title and many others on WildSphere’s main website. Be sure to explore the depth of each experience as you delve deeper into the humorous lore of this strange conflict.

As for Flying Soldiers, the game will be available on September 17th for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Be sure to keep an eye on your preferred store for when this title lands and prepares for deployment.