Fivio Foreign Trashed Online For Supposedly Assaulting His Pregnant Girlfriend – He Denies It

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Fivio Foreign Trashed Online For Supposedly Assaulting His Pregnant Girlfriend – He Denies It

Fivio Foreign found himself in trouble with the authorities this week, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop announced. Reportedly, Foreign was accused of assaulting his girlfriend, who happened to be pregnant, and since then, more domestic abuse allegations have come to the surface.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Jasmine in which she said that their “nosy” neighbor got involved in their altercation which ultimately led to their conflict’s escalation. She argued that the rapper wasn’t in the wrong.

For the most part, Fivio has been silent on social media, with the exception of this week, in which he echoed statements from his girlfriend and argued that he never laid a hand on her. On Friday, the 16th of October, Fivio wrote on his account that he appreciated everyone’s support and concerns, but he doesn’t deny who he is.

The rapper went on to say that he would never hurt a woman, especially his pregnant girlfriend because his mother would kill him. Foreign claimed he’s currently taking care of two little black girls, and the women he has in his life do everything for him.

Fivio went on to say in his posts that he and his girlfriend have arguments sometimes, and they’ll always fight, but never does it escalate to violence. He claimed it was “unfortunate” that his neighbors don’t mind their own business, but it wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last time either.

As most know, domestic violence has become a trending topic in the media once again with the rise of the #MeToo movement which took off in 2017. The movement led to a cascade of women coming out to tell their stories of abuse at the powerful figures.

Since then, other women have come forward to talk about their toxic relationships. Another controversial case this year was that of Tory Lanez, who was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot after a party earlier this summer. The star has since been charged with the crime and his trial will occur later this year.