Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration Brings Limited-Time Holiday-Themed Items


Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration Brings Limited-Time Holiday-Themed Items

Final Fantasy XIV will roll into the winter holidays with its annual seasonal event, Starlight Celebration. From December 14 until 31, players can obtain a festive Snowman Bell mount and furniture items. Provided you are one of the lucky players who own an in-game house, you can furnish it with icy brick walls, pine trees, and snow-covered platforms.

Players will need to be level 15 and above to participate. Speaking to Amh Garanjay in Old Gridania will initiate Starlight Celebration’s quests.

In addition to the seasonal event, players have plenty of new content to explore. Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten hit Final Fantasy XIV on December 8, making it the first new content update since August’s Patch 5.3 Reflections in Crystal.

Patch 5.4 continues the post-Shadowbringers storyline, but for the sake of not spoiling the main questline for players not there yet, we’ll remain vague about the details here. Check out our article describing FFXIV’s Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten if you want more information on the new story beats.

The update will include a new instanced dungeon and a new four-part Eden’s Promise raid chapter. For access to the new Eden raid, players will need to have completed the previous Eden raids and the 5.3 main story. Many statics should be recruiting now, so if you’re curious about raid content, now is a great time to see if there’s a group out there for you.

Final Fantasy’s base game, A Realm Reborn, and its highly acclaimed first expansion, Heavensward, are available for players to try for free. You can read our FFXIV beginner’s guide for tips on starting, and why FFXIV Patch 5.3 was a great end to the Shadowbringers arc.

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