Final Fantasy 7 Remake Revisited Goes Behind The Scenes On The RPG Every Week


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Revisited Goes Behind The Scenes On The RPG Every Week

During yesterday’s Final Fantasy stream, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will release on PS5 in 2023. Before the second chapter in the Remake series arrives, a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake will provide a deeper dive into how that game was made.

The first chapter is already live and answers a number of questions ranging from environmental design to insight into how the Scorpion Sentinel boss fight was designed.

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There’s even a section where character modeling director Masaaki Kazeno answers a query regarding Barrett’s strength and if he’s strong enough to lift Cloud’s Buster sword. In case you’re wondering, the answer is technically yes due to the sheer amount of mass in Barret’s biceps, but using a massive lump of iron as effectively as Cloud is where he’d fall short.

“If we assume that the Buster Sword is made from iron then it would be a gigantic sword that weighs around 40kg and there would be many factors required to actually wield it effectively, other than just brawn,” Kazeno said. “Basically, this shows just how amazing Cloud is for being able to use it so elegantly!”

In other Final Fantasy news, PSP classic Crisis Core is getting a remake for console and PC and mobile action game Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis also got a new gameplay trailer. For a different sort of mobile gaming experience, Steam Deck users can look forward to Final Fantasy VII Intergrade when it lands on PC on June 17.

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