Fetty Wap’s Baby Momma Says He Doesn’t Pay Child Support

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Fetty Wap’s Baby Momma Says He Doesn’t Pay Child Support

It seemed like Fetty Wap couldn’t release a song back in 2015 and 2016 without it going viral. The rapper/singer was on top of the charts over and over again with tracks like “1738,” “Save Dat Money,” “Trap Queen,” and a few others.

As a result, there’s no question the performing artist found himself receiving a lot of female attention which he took advantage of. Hot New Hip Hop says the artist has approximately six kids, but not all is well in the artist’s personal life.

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According to the outlet, one of the women who goes by the name, Lisa, also called Turquoise Miami, has one of his kids and she isn’t happy with the amount of child support he has paid. Lisa and Fetty had a baby back in 2017, and on her IG, she claimed he hasn’t paid any money to keep her and the baby comfortable.

Lisa shared a picture of an advertisement of three nightclub appearances from Fetty Wap in Texas this month. Lisa wrote in the caption of the photograph that she was going to book a flight and go to the club to ask him whether he was going to pay child support or not. She added that it has been “two years,” so she’s kind of “curious.”

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Not long after, Hot New Hip Hop claims, Lisa deleted the post, but she did share a few more thoughts on the matter, responding primarily to her critics.

Lisa argued that she didn’t care whether Fetty Wap was around or not, she just wanted to have another person to take care of her kid so she could have a life sometimes.

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Lisa claimed she normally doesn’t care, but this time, she just wanted to go out and have a good time and not worry about her child. Commenters accused Lisa of pretending like she didn’t know what kind of man Fetty Wap was.

As it was already noted above, the performing artist has multiple children with several different women at this point. He has a kid with Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy, as well.