Fans Believe Yaya Mayweather Blasted NBA Young Boy With Sing-Along Of Keyshia Cole’s Song ‘Enough Of No Love’

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Fans Believe Yaya Mayweather Blasted NBA Young Boy With Sing-Along Of Keyshia Cole’s Song ‘Enough Of No Love’

Yaya Mayweather is currently pregnant with NBA Young Boy’s baby, and it looks like she isn’t worried about the fact he already has other baby mommas, including one of which who just had his child on Thanksgiving. Hot New Hip Hop claims the 21-year-old rapper welcomed his sixth child with Drea Symone.

Symone shared a picture of their baby’s hand with a sweet message, although, she didn’t name the father of her child. As it was previously reported, Floyd’s 20-year-old daughter is currently expecting a child with NBA Young Boy.

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When the rumors first began to swirl on social media, Yaya Mayweather didn’t have a lot to say about them. Although once Floyd appeared to confirm it during an interview, Yaya started to share more and more pictures of her baby bump.

And as the weeks went on, Yaya has only become more brazen. While Yaya has continued to post on her social media, NBA Young Boy hasn’t said much.

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Regardless, Hot New Hip Hop says the daughter of the legendary boxing champ took to her account this week to share a video of herself singing the lyrics to Keyshia Cole’s Song, “Enough of No Love,” from 2012. Yaya – who was charged with stabbing Lapattra Jacobs – danced along to the song and sang some of its lyrics.

One part included a line about “calling that b*tch at night,” which many assumed was a shot at NBA Young Boy’s other baby momma who just had his child earlier in October.

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As for what NBA Young Boy has been up to lately, Hot New Hip Hop claims he was spotted hanging out with his latest girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle, just a few days ago.

Yaya has insinuated in the past that she was “ride or die” for NBA Young Boy, but it looks like the rapper doesn’t want to settle down anytime soon with one particular woman.

He has been in the headlines for other reasons as well, including when it was reported that he and his crew were busted for carrying drugs, guns, and large amounts of cash.