Fallout Miami Development Progresses, Despite The Pandemic


Fallout Miami Development Progresses, Despite The Pandemic

Fallout Miami is one of the most ambitious game mod projects ever, taking players away from the New England setting of Fallout 4 itself and placing them in a “post-nuclear vacation wasteland.” It has been in the works for several years, and in a new update post, the developers shared what they’ve been working on since the pandemic began.

Pre-production for the mod’s main quest has been finished, with the team now moving on to writing as well as quest implementation. Fallout Miami will be around the size and scope of an official Fallout expansion when it releases, with side quests and new characters to meet as well as factions to encounter.

Those factions include a group that makes use of coconut shells for their masks, giving them a more menacing look than what you might expect from a coconut shell. 3D models for this unannounced faction are nearly complete, and they should be fully revealed soon. You can see a glimpse of some of the new characters and artwork in the video above.

The team has also created brands and franchises to be scattered across the map in order to give Miami a more realistic look. One of these is the Poseidon Energy subsidiary Gasolina Caribica, a fossil fuel supplier. The locations look paused in time, much like a lot of the architecture from Fallout 4 itself–well, except for the looting and nuclear blast damage. There’s also a “Center School” to try to continue education, and it’s built from scrap metal, but there are pre-war books and tapes available.

Fallout Miami does not yet have a release date. It’s currently only planned for PC, and you can learn more about the game’s development, potentially voicing a character, or helping with development via the official FAQ.