Fallout 76 One Wasteland Update Makes The Post-Apocalypse More Forgiving


Fallout 76 One Wasteland Update Makes The Post-Apocalypse More Forgiving

A new patch for Fallout 76 was introduced this week, adding a fresh layer of challenge for Appalachian veterans while also making big changes for newcomers to Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic wasteland. Called One Wasteland, Fallout 76’s Update 22 now focuses on your personal progress by adjusting enemy levels to provide a more balanced challenge based on your current skill level and gear.

Monsters will still have minimum and maximum levels, but the dynamic scaling will also be used to adjust their stats, experience points gained from defeating them, and what loot you can earn in the process. One Wasteland’s focus on individual Vault-dwellers means that even if multiple players attack the same monster, the actual fight will allow the entire party to contribute, no matter their skill level or experience with the game.

“New players will now be able to explore the wasteland of West Virginia without the difficulty spikes that they would previously encounter,” project lead Jeff Gardiner explained on the Bethesda blog. “For Veterans, they’ll be able to go back to several previous areas of the game and find new challenges. A low-level player will be fighting a low-level monster, while a high-level player a high-level monster.”

Update 22 has also kicked off Season 2 and will include Legendary Perks and Daily Ops. A new S.C.O.R.E.board will be active and will feature new rewards to earn such as a unique Power Armor, cosmetic rewards, and keycards with which nuclear bombs can be launched. Legendary Perks can be unlocked at level 50 in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menu, with each one having four ranks that can be reached by scrapping unwanted Perk cards.

Fallout 76Fallout 76

Some of the perks include the ability to generate a combat-enhancing chem with Brawling Chemist, making enemies killed with melee weapons explode with Collateral Damage, and using the Reboot perk to auto-revive if you die while wearing Power Armor.

Daily Ops are endgame content that will add replayability to Fallout 76’s dungeons. “Daily Ops is a repeatable gameplay system that allows players to hop into one of these dungeons and fight challenging waves of randomized enemies while completing a series of objectives,” lead level designer Steve Massey said. “This combat feels unlike anything else in the game — not just because of the intensity, but also the Enemy Mutation system, which makes for more challenging encounters that will push player builds and abilities to the limit.”

Daily OpsDaily Ops

The Enemy Mutation system will allow for modifiers such as creatures exploding on death, only being killable with a melee attack, or freezing the player when fighting back. A tiered reward system will give players substantial gear once a day, with a run in the Elder Tier of the dungeon resulting in a large XP grant, two currency grants, two legendary items, and a care package of ammo, first aid, and explosives.

After a rough launch in 2018, Bethesda has refined and polished Fallout 76 with free content updates and patches that have helped create a more stable game. Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Fallout 76 was also added to the Xbox Game Pass library in July.

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