Fallen Angel Is Officially Launched Onto Steam For PC Audiences


Fallen Angel Is Officially Launched Onto Steam For PC Audiences

The biblical hack-and-slash RPG Fallen Angel has officially released onto Steam after being an Early Access title for several months. Players take the role of Lucifer as they return seeking vengeance against God. Enter into a world of biblical civil war as you learn that not everything is as it seems in this campaign of vengeance.

This game is inspired on the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton. As a fallen angel you must seek new purpose through a twisted depiction of Heaven. Battle archangels, wage war and watch as your revenge unfolds against the heavens themselves. This game has reimagined a classic biblical encounter and turned it into something much more satisfying.

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The game has improved since its Early Access release, but now players have even more options available. Enter into the many realms of Heaven which are depicted in strange and varied fashions.

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Aside from the classic pearly gates, players will find a high-tech reimagining of the idyllic Earth-like settings. Encounter floating islands, strange worlds, and more as each archangel crafts their domain to their image. The archangel’s preference helps determine what creatures and environments players will encounter throughout the game.

Use your blades, guns, claws, and more as you tear through the army of heaven on a unique rampage. Craft your own fighting style as you decide whether to take on enemies in head-on combat or battle using counter-attacks. Everything is up to you as you evolve Lucifer into a powerful demonic machine of retribution.

This game includes an epic soundtrack, beautiful visuals, and much more as you battle through Heaven’s gates and take down all the archangels. Claim the throne of heaven as yours and take God’s place among the divine.

This game has an easily changed weapon loadout along with an RPG progression for Lucifer’s abilities. Enjoy the familiar take on mechanics as you master an ever-evolving wave of digital enemies.

Each boss fight is designed as a reimaging of the Old Testimate marvels. Watch as the bible comes to life, and enjoy ripping apart the angels as the being of ultimate evil.

Enjoy coop capabilities, full controller support, and much more as you embrace this unique pixel-art adventure

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Fallen Angel is available on Steam for $19.99 for anyone who wishes to purchase a copy of this unique title. Prepare to unleash biblical carnage on a whole new battleground of heavenly design and providence. Take the throne of God in this unique game.