Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Adds New Obstacles, A Huge Hammer, And Anti-Cheat Measures


Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Adds New Obstacles, A Huge Hammer, And Anti-Cheat Measures

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has just released its Season 1 mid-season update, and it introduces some new wrinkles to the game, including a giant hammer that can hit you when you least expect it. The game has also introduced new anti-cheat measures to deal with hackers, who were previously shuffled off to Cheater Island.

Some of the contests that players have enjoyed so far have received a shuffle, as promised, so your previous strategies might need adjusting. New obstacles are being introduced, including lots of tumbling fruits in areas where there was no fruit before, changes in how parts of levels rotate, and more. For the rest of the season, these changes can hit unexpectedly, so it seems like the goal is to make players adapt on the fly more.

One of the big additions is called Big Yeetus, a huge hammer that can appear and, uh, yeet you across the level. In the mid-season update trailer above, the hammer seems to largely help players–smacking them in the direction they needed to go in–but we expect it’ll punt some players right off the course, too.

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Mediatonic has also announced that the game will implement Epic’s East Anti-Cheat going forward, targeting hackers who have earned their way to the crown by nefarious means. The developers have been quite open about wanting to improve their anti-cheat technology, so this is a big step in that direction. This comes alongside a patch that aims to improve server stability and general performance, while also adding a few effects improvements that will have the game looking just a tad sharper and shinier.

The Fall Guys mid-season update is out now. Get out there, master the changes, and see if you can catch up with the guy who had recorded 340 wins earlier this month.