Fall Guys Is Getting A New Axe-Filled Level In Season 2


Fall Guys Is Getting A New Axe-Filled Level In Season 2

Fall Guys is getting a brand-new level this Thursday when Season 2 hits. It’s called Knight Fever and it’s full of axes, giant logs covered in spikes, and other deadly obstacles that’ll send little beans flying across the map.

Revealed in a video on IGN, Knight Fever is another race level similar to The Whirlygig or Hit Parade where players have to rush to the end or risk getting eliminated. Players will have to navigate across a bridge with swinging axes, balance across spike covered logs, and then dodge the community-named “Thicc Bonkus.” It does not look like an easy race to get through unscathed.

Fall Guys Season 2, which was first shown off at Gamescom, is launching later this week. It includes new levels, costumes, and features based around a medieval theme. Several new game modes have been shown off, including one where players have to work together and push platforms to get over walls.

A double experience (known as fame in the Fall Guys battle pass) week kicked off today and runs through Thursday. If you haven’t managed to get to level 40 then now’s the time to grind and level up quickly. You don’t want to miss out on the final few rewards from the first season. You may not have a chance to get them again.