Ex-Wife of  Da Vinci Code Author Dan Brown Accused Him of Living Double Life — Is She Going to Win?


Ex-Wife of  Da Vinci Code Author Dan Brown Accused Him of Living Double Life — Is She Going to Win?

Blythe Brown, the ex-wife of “Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown has brought him to court this week, alleging that he led a double life during their marriage.

She stated that the writer cheated on her with a Dutch horse trainer and several other women.

In the lawsuit filed in New Hampshire, Mrs. Brown also claimed credits for inspiring her then-husband to write “The Da Vinci Code.” Furthermore, she alleged that he hid from her information about future projects “worth millions,” including television series and a children’s book.

During their 21 years of marriage, Mrs. Brown did not know anything about her husband’s extramarital affairs, and she claimed that she found out about his double life after their divorce in 2019.

According to his ex-wife, Dan Brown was secretly diverting funds to pay for gifts to an unnamed Dutch horse trainer. The best-selling author reportedly bought her several Friesian horses. Besides, his former wife accused him of financing for his lover’s horse training business and the renovation of her home in The Netherlands.

Mrs. Brown highlighted that Dan Brown had lived double life full of lies for at least six years, while the public was set to believe that he had a peaceful life in their family home in New Hampshire. His ”illegal behavior” took place in New Hampshire, the Caribbean, and Europe, Mrs. Brown alleged.

Dan Brown said in a statement that he was shocked and ”stunned” by his former wife’s allegations. He emphasized he had always been honest with her about their finances. Also, she got half of their assets after the divorce, the author noted. The author opined that his ex-partner had started the lawsuit to hurt and embarrass him.

In the court papers, Blythe Brown described herself as inspiring Brown to quit songwriting and focus on the development of his fiction writing talent. Besides, she also alleged she helped him with the main themes and ideas for many of his books. She used to serve as his lead researcher, critic, and editor.

In 2006, two authors sued Dan Brown in a high profile lawsuit in London, alleging that he ”appropriated the architecture” of their book. During the trial, Dan Brown admitted that his then-wife was an essential contributor to his original work.

Blythe Brown conducted significant research, supplied notes and suggestions, witnesses said. She also offered a ”unique female perspective” to the book.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Dan Brown’s statement that his ex-wife intends to embarrass and hurt him?