Everwild Boss Leaves Rare, Marking Another High-Profile Xbox Departure


Everwild Boss Leaves Rare, Marking Another High-Profile Xbox Departure

Everwild creative director Simon Woodroffe has resigned from Rare, VGC reports. In a statement shared with VGC, Rare studio head Craig Duncan thanked Woodroffe for his work and assured that the Everwild development team would be “in good hands”:

“We thank Simon for all his hard work on Everwild and wish him the very best of luck for the future. The Everwild team are in good hands and passionate about building a game that will give players unforgettable experiences in a natural and magical world.”

Woodroffe’s resignation marks the second recent high-profile departure from a Microsoft Game Studios project. Earlier this week, Halo Infinite director Chris Lee announced he had “stepped back” from his role on that title, although Microsoft says Lee remains employed at the company. Lee’s departure from Halo Infinite came just a few months after the game was delayed into 2021.

Everwild, meanwhile, is a brand-new IP from Rare, the storied studio behind Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, and most recently, Sea of Thieves. The game casts players as an Eternal, a magic-attuned being who is able to sense and feel how magic flows through nature. This connection will play an important role in the title; Rare says players will be able to “build bonds with the world around you” as they explore.

We most recently saw Everwild back in July, during Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase event. The game does not yet have a release date, but it’s one of Microsoft’s marquee titles for Xbox Series X and Series S. Like other first-party games, it will also be available on PC and through Game Pass.

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