Everspace 2’s Early Access Release Is Set For December


Everspace 2’s Early Access Release Is Set For December

One of the more anticipated games of the year in the space shooter space is without question Everspace 2. The original was highly regarded for its depth, visuals, and roguelike elements. It’s everything you would want a space adventure game to be.

Needless to say, the sequel has some pretty big shoes to fill. The developer ROCKFISH Games feels like they’re ready for the challenge though. They’ve been hard at work already, refining its RPG elements and trying to make this sequel worthy in the eyes of a loyal fanbase.

Now there is a new trailer that shows some of the things they’ve been working on, as well as an official release window for Early Access. That is December 2020. Alas. Only a couple of more months before this epic spaceship shooter will be unveiled to the masses.

It won’t be a finished product by any means, but the chance to take it out for a test-drive — seeing its trading, mining, and story elements — has a lot in the gaming community buzzing with glee.

The space shooter aspect is a major selling point already. You’ll have a bevvy of weapons to defeat whoever stands in your way, whether it’s drones or heavy bombers looking to take you down for good.

You’ll explore the galaxy, coming in contact with different alien species and NPCs. Who you befriend is completely up to you, but your choices do have consequences. They’ll shape the story and affect subsequent missions later on down the road.

And as far as the looting aspect, it looks to be even better in this sequel. You’ll have countless vessels to collect, which you’ll be able to customize in great detail. Which parts you collect and systems you install is entirely dependent on your playstyle. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out what that is exactly while you enjoy an epic space exploration narrative.

Everspace 2 looks to be just as promising as the original, if not more so. Fans probably have their expectations set pretty high, but the developer seems poised to deliver an amazing product. Even the Early Access release should provide hours of excitement and plenty of content to get wrapped up in.

December is still in the distance, but at least fans have a new trailer to tide them over. Meanwhile, the developer can take time to do this franchise right and make sure Early Access goes over as smoothly as possible.