Evergate Plans To Launch On Xbox Series X Day One Bringing A Soulflame Adventure To Fans


Evergate Plans To Launch On Xbox Series X Day One Bringing A Soulflame Adventure To Fans

Evergate launched onto Steam back in September of 2020. This title introduced players to a haunting platformer filled with unique twists and a unique character. Now, the title is looking at a console release with a date planned to match the Day One launch of the Xbox Series X.

The game so far has enjoyed a positive review on both Steam and Nintendo Switch but that is not enough. With a whole console world to explore, Evergate is stretching its flames and preparing to enter a whole new world of fans. Enjoy a unique character, special powers, in a strange and compelling world.

Evergate is a 2D puzzle platformer that is beautifully drawn. It takes place in the afterlife and has an original score recorded by a live orchestra. Travel through strange lands as you explore 85 unique stages filled with opportunity and power.

Play as a lost soul named “Ki” who has awoken in the afterlife. Find her path back to earth as she tries to return home. Before that can happen, Ki must learn about their connection to spirits, time, and the past itself.

Travel through 85 compelling stages as you try and harness the unique mechanics called soul flame. This ability lets you learn abilities and travel across levels using your own power. Find creative ways to reach each gate as you try to progress through this strange and compelling adventure.

Use your power to slow down time and fire a beam of energy at surfaces. Using your Soulfame you can smash crystals, unleash their power, and fly to new and exciting heights. Reach the unreachable by hitting multiple crystals at once and find a way to reach each of the end gates.

Each level has essences scattered about which can be used to unlock artifacts and boost stats. Move faster, jump higher, and harness even greater powers as you collect all the essences on each map.

This is a gorgeous hand-drawn world with tons of compelling levels and strange occurrences. Immerse into a vivid world and watch it come to life in stunning detail.

To learn more feel free to join the developer discord. The development team at Stone lantern Games is based out on 4 MIT graduates who specialize in unique areas of focus.

Evergate is available on PC and Nintendo Switch right now for $19.99. This title will launch onto Xbox Series X upon its launch for a similar price.