Evercade Announces 23 More Classic Games Joining Growing Library Of Games


Evercade Announces 23 More Classic Games Joining Growing Library Of Games

The Evercade console has recently launched and allows players to use game cartridges similar to the early NES system. The console has a 4.3″ screen (the same as a PSP) and TV output, so players can either play it as a handheld or on a larger screen.

Recently, Evercade has announced the addition of two cartridges to their library. The games contain a total of 23 licensed games from Jaleco and Piko Interactive, bringing the total number of games available on the console to 183. All of the titles can be played either on the handheld or connected to a tv using the HDMI output.

So far there are 14 other cartridges available. The cartridges contain content from known publishers and developers such as Atari, Interplay, Mega Cat, Songbird Interactive, Technos, Data East, and Namco Museum. The games are all fully licensed.

Previously, Evercade announced that arcade games would be joining the Evercade lineup. The arcade titles have yet to be announced but will provide even more game options for retro game lovers.

Evercade has released the full list of games that will be available on two separate cartridges.

The Jaleco Collection 1 includes a collection of sports and action games, including Bases Loaded, Astynax, Brawl Brothers, City Connection, Earth Defence Force, Super Goal! 2, Totally Rad, Rival Turf, Operation Logic Bomb, and Ignition Factor.

Piko Interactive Collection 2 brings together another collection of games from the company, especially those seeking more sports-related titles. The second collection contains 13 sports and racing games and includes: Power Football, Hoops Shut Up and Jam, Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2, Summer Challenge, Winter Challenge, Brutal Sports Football, Eliminator Boat Duel, Full Throttle All American Racing, Top Racer 2, Soccer Kid, Football Madness, World Trophy Soccer, and Racing Fever.

Along with the new cartridge announcements, Evercade also announced a few delays. The Oliver Twins, Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood, and two Lynx cartridges are slightly delayed. The Oliver Twins and Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood has run late by two weeks and is now expected to release on October 23. The two Lynx cartridges are expected to launch on November 27. All of the retailer websites should now be updated with the new release dates.

The Jaleco Collection 1 and Piko Interactive Collection 2 for Evercade are expected to launch in Q1 2021.