Eva Marcille Shares A Video That Has Broken Her To Tears – See The Tragedy Here

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Eva Marcille Shares A Video That Has Broken Her To Tears – See The Tragedy Here

Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account that she says broke her down to tears. Check out what happened in the video below.

‘PLEASE WATCH AND SWIPE ⬅️ and SHARE. Seeing this literally broke my heart 💔. Broke me down to tears. The world can be so so cold. Unacceptable 🔁 @miketsterling My client, @brittanycorreri, went on a first date through the @hinge dating site which bills itself as an app for people looking for long term relationships. What @hinge actually did was send her on a date with a lunatic with a criminal record of assaulting women. It was Brittany’s first date from the first time using a dating site of any kind,’ she began her caption.

She also said: ‘This man beat Brittany in the head – punching her over and over again, grabbed her as she tried to escape, called her a “ni**** bi***” as he dragged her on concrete and told her “she was nothing” and “nobody will miss her” as he brandished one of his three guns and threatened to kill her. She thought she was going to die!’

Eva continued and posted this message: ‘And the only thing that saved her was a heroic security guard who heard her screams and came to her aid. We are working closely with police and the DAs office to bring this man to justice. In the meantime, @hinge insulted her with their tepid and canned response via social media. We have to get the message out. It is clear that sometimes the only way to get companies to do the right thing is a little sunlight. This should not happen to another woman. @brittanycorreri is being so brave and coming forward in aid of other women. #dreyesterling.’


Cynthia Bailey said: ‘This is horrific!!! Thank u for sharing. Will share.🙏🏽’

Brittany told Eva: ‘Eva, thank you so much for sharing my story.’

A commenter said: ‘Thank you for having the courage to speak up. What happened to you is absolutely horrible. I thank God for sparing you, and I pray for justice. This should NOT have happened to you, and this should NOT happen to anyone. #protectourwomen.’

Someone else posted: ‘I will alert all I know. Thank u @evamarcille. Praying for her.’

A follower said this: ‘This is terrible so glad she’s safe and pray he is brought to justice. How is hinge responsible though ☹️ this could’ve happened on any dating or social media app. As an adult, we are responsible for vetting the ppl we meet, and there is always a risk with netting strangers.’

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