Eva Longoria Says ‘Mom-Shaming’ On Social Media Is For Real

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Eva Longoria Says ‘Mom-Shaming’ On Social Media Is For Real

According to Eva Longoria, she has experienced her fair share of mom-shaming ever since she first became a mother. Us Magazine picked up an interview with Eva Longoria this week in which she appeared on the Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast.

Longoria said on the 5th of October, episode, that “the mom shamers of the world are real.” On account of the hatred she regularly receives on social media, Longoria says she doesn’t like to talk about how she goes about raising her kids.

Eva says that she would never tell another person how to take care of their children, and she claimed, “I am in no way an expert on being a mom.” The star admits even giving advice makes other women feel like they’re not great at being parents.

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Longoria said that when she hears the advice given out by other mothers, she often thinks to herself, “(that woman) has it together,” and that maybe she’s not doing things properly. As most know, Longoria currently shares her 2-year-old with Jose Baston.

The star claims she has a massive family and it’s helped her out a lot in rearing her kids. More importantly, she has a husband who is incredibly supportive of her and her goals, and her friends and family are all so helpful.

The star said to reporters from Us Magazine back in July 2019, that it was “exhausting” to be a mother, but also rewarding at the same time. Around that time, the Desperate Housewive alum also touched on her son’s milestones, including uttering his first words.

According to Longoria, he still isn’t walking, but he has a fantastic personality. In May of the same year, Longoria also spoke with Us Magazine and she claimed her child was picking up on her behavioral patterns and mimicking them.

The actress claimed her child is “very happy,” and he loves everybody he talks to. Eva went on to say that her baby is very curious about other people and wants to talk to them, which is not unlike her.