Enter The Gungeon Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store


Enter The Gungeon Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

If you visit the Epic Games Store quite frequently, you’re probably accustomed to picking up free games every week. The next batch is about to roll out, but those that haven’t had the chance to claim Enter the Gungeon, now’s the perfect time.

This bullet hell roguelike is one of the best dungeon crawlers you can find today and Epic Games isn’t charging you anything for it. You can click on the download link and start enjoying a frenzy of bullets, amazing loot, and ever-evolving floors.

Even in 2020, Enter the Gungeon is still a good time. You’ll find yourself enjoying the often times difficult enemies that always force you to think two moves ahead. The gundead have taken over, but that doesn’t mean a band of misfits will let them destroy what they love so dearly.

Each hero in this game is distinct from the rest and that gives you plenty of possibilities in each vibrant and detailed level. The developer spent a good deal of time giving each hero in-depth backstories, which you empathize with.

Every character is out to right some wrongs one way or another. Whichever character you choose, there are unlimited gun options. You can reign down hellfire with machine guns or blast bees at opponents. The endless ways of taking out enemies keeps you interested in every encounter.

The gundead won’t just lay down either. The enemy AI is one of the more sterling aspects of Enter the Gungeon. Threats adapt based on what you do and the combat difficulty constantly changes. You can thus expect to die over and over. You’ll eventually find your way, though.

You can go at the gundead and gungeon bosses alone or with a friend via co-op. You can expect some of the bosses to put up quite a fight, so it never hurts to have a helping hand during the more intense sequences.

Enter the Gungeon is a shining example of what a dungeon crawler can be when a developer focuses on the right elements. Beautiful levels coupled with non-stop action keep this game always exciting, even upon multiple playthroughs.

The fact that you can add it to your PC collection is quite an opportunity, one that you shouldn’t pass up. Every week, the Epic Games Store switches out their freebies — but it’s not too late to see what fans have been raving about for years. Enter the Gungeon never lets up.