Eminem’s Home Invader Reportedly Said He Broke In To ‘Kill Him!’

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Eminem’s Home Invader Reportedly Said He Broke In To ‘Kill Him!’

According to new reports, the rapper was in serious danger when someone broke into his property not to rob him but to take his life! That’s right, an officer who responded to the indent involving Eminem, stated that the one invading his home told him he was planning to ‘kill’ him!

This update comes after E! News also reported previously that back in April, Eminem came face to face with a stranger in his own house, after he’s gained access by breaking one of his windows with a brick.

Matthew David Hughes was arrested on charges of home invasion in the first degree and he is still in police custody today.

That being said, a preliminary hearing was held earlier today and that is when police officer Adam Hackstock shared all the details regarding the case, including the intruder’s real interntions.

Eminem was apparently woken up from his sleep by the man and at first, he thought he was his nephew.

Hackstock said in court that ‘When Mr. Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr. Hughes that he was there to kill him.’ Scary!

The officer went on to say that the rapper then took the intruder though his house’s various rooms, escorting him to an exit.

Hackstock also mentioned that at the time he arrived at Eminem’s property, a security guard was alredy wrestling Hughes on the ground.

As it appears, Eminem was not present at the hearing that took place on Wednesday as per The Detroit Free Press.

The same publication also revealed that the judge dealing with the case has found probable cause to go on with the trial.

All in all, Hughes is allegedly expected to be arraigned towards the end of this month, more precisely, September 28.