Emily Bustamante, AKA Emily B, And Husband Fabolous Welcome Baby Girl — Announcement Video Sparks Intense Debate

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Emily Bustamante, AKA Emily B, And Husband Fabolous Welcome Baby Girl — Announcement Video Sparks Intense Debate

Emily B and her husband, Fabolous, have welcomed their baby girl, less than 24 hours after we covered the shoe designer’s latest maternity photos. All seems well for the couple who have been together on and off for close to 20 years.

The 39-year-old fashion expert gave birth on Sunday night and posted a video on her Instagram Story to share the great news with her followers.

Emily Bustamante and the talented rapper have two sons together, Johan, 12, and Jonas, 5. Emily is also the mother of Tania Williams from a previous relationship.

Despite the good news, some fans still cannot let go and move on after the 2018 domestic, where the hip-hop star reportedly assaulted his lady love.

This follower stated: “Women, please don’t ever do this to yourself. Don’t have children with someone who’s physically abusive. Leave them. 😢 this saddens me.”

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Congratulations to #EmilyB + #Fabolous welcoming their new bundle of joy 💕

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A second comment read: “Awwww, I wonder if she’s a redhead like Johan and Jonas. It seems like she just had the shower last week. Congratulations to them ❤️.”

Someone rooting for Emily chimed in: “Because you got a ring don’t mean a thing he doesn’t love you if he puts his hands on you. And also you having babies, he hit you more than once. Its time to let him go; you have a precious baby girl and also your sons and your other daughter. They don’t need to be around toxicity. You are a Queen!! Don’t be afraid of no man period. 💪🏾”

One voice of reason explained: “No matter the situation is, babies are a blessing. But it is a parent’s duty to protect their children, children who grow up in domestic violence household & witnessing abuse. That a form of abuse, too, mentally!”

An Instagrammer brought up the need to be safe in the coronavirus pandemic era: “I think I’m the only person in the world that cares about COVID anymore 😩😩😩 Taina was just at a whole PARTY with mad people and she’s with this NEWBORN baby? Lawdddd.”

A backer of the power couple urges social media not to treat the “teeth” rumors as facts: “And all these people keep telling me he knocked her teeth out nobody actually even really confirm that that happened, so people need to quit spreading that rumor.”

Regardless of the situation, congrats to the new parents!