Ellen DeGeneres Contracts COVID-19 Just A Few Months After Her ‘Toxic’ Workplace Scandal

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Ellen DeGeneres Contracts COVID-19 Just A Few Months After Her ‘Toxic’ Workplace Scandal

A new report from Page Six said today that Ellen DeGeneres has officially tested positive for coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Via her Twitter account this Thursday, the 62-year-old shared that she was “feeling fine right now.”

You can check out her post below:

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Ellen went on to say that anyone and everyone she has been in contact with has been notified of her COVID-19 diagnosis, and she’ll continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines to keep herself and others safe.

“I’ll see you all again after the holidays,” Ellen wrote on her account. According to Page Six, this all comes after a new exposé from BuzzFeed which detailed the tough times the series is currently going through post-scandal.

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Reportedly, Ellen’s popular daytime television series has suffered in the ratings following the allegations that she had fostered a workplace of toxicity. Moreover, they’ve struggled to secure as many sponsors, therefore, they’re making less money and can’t afford as much content.

As it was previously reported, Ellen came under fire in a big way earlier in the summertime after an exposé detailed the allegations from many of her former employees and staff members.

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Ellen had been accused of setting up a number of abusive unofficial rules, including one which stated that no one was allowed to look her in the eyes, and anyone who entered her office had to eat at least one breath mint before speaking with her.

An executive producer of the Australian version of the Today Show said he was told that neither he nor anyone else other than the host could look Ellen in the eyes when she came on the show. This all came after Ellen had supposedly rescinded on her deal with them to guest host an episode.

Once the allegations against Ellen had made their way into the headlines, celebrities and other entertainers either came out to defend or attack her. For instance, Kevin Hart was one such celebrity who defended Ellen as was Katy Perry.

Both A-listers were criticized for supposedly not understanding that their experience of the show would be a lot different than a regular employee who didn’t have the same amount of status and fame.