Eliza Reign Drags Summer Walker For Dissing Her Over Future Child Support Case

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Eliza Reign Drags Summer Walker For Dissing Her Over Future Child Support Case

Summer Walker took to Instagram for a post-and-delete that got her in hot water with social media commentators and Eliza Reign. Now, Future‘s baby’s mother is clapping back.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Eliza Reign and Future’s drama, a paternity test proved that the model’s baby is, in fact, his. This comes after many months of him ducking and dodging the issue.

Once it was proven, he offered the social media star a measly amount of money to take care of the child to which reports claim that she countered with $53k. However, the judge on the case ended up awarding her $3,200 a month.

Walker saw the viral meme that spoke about the situation and added her own opinion to it.

‘She wants 53 thousand a month. Women like this are so disgusting and sad. I feel so bad for this man. Where do y’all even find these types of women?’

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#ElizaReign had a few more things to say after #SummerWalker spoke about her child support situation with #Future!! (SWIPE)

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She quickly deleted her commentary but not before it went viral.

Eliza clapped back by saying that she never wanted $53k but she wants to raise her child to have good schooling and a comfortable lifestyle. She also went on to say that although she didn’t want to argue with her, she does feel a type of way about her saying that especially because Summer’s boyfriend, London on da Track, is doing the same thing by not taking care of his kids.

Reign added that instead of trying to tear down women, she should use her huge platform to uplift them.

London on da Track’s baby’s mother also chimed in to say that Summer should not be speaking on any situation of the sort considering that she doesn’t have any kids. She went on to say that London isn’t around the child they share because he’s always with her and shamed the singer for allowing the producer to be a bad father.

Maybe next time, Summer will keep her thoughts to herself.